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Electronics Components Industry Association and OneBeacon Technology Insurance have paired up to offer tailored electronics coverages. Read the full announcementOneBeacon

Why is this pairing important to ECIA members?
Business insurance solutions tailored to your specific exposures can help you manage risks, defend against liabilities and protect your company assets. With a solution from OneBeacon Technology Insurance, dedicated customer service from your agents, and industry-specific counsel from ECIA, members can stabilize insurance costs and enjoy peace of mind because their businesses are properly protected.

Why OneBeacon Technology Insurance?
OneBeacon Technology Insurance (OBTI), a member of OneBeacon Insurance Group, solely focuses on the technology industry, making it a specialized source for technology insurance and risk management needs. OBTI provides integrated, seamless insurance solutions and services for all aspects of the technology industry, with a particular focus on the electronics segment.

OneBeacon Technology Insurance's demonstrated expertise and dedication to the technology industry, featuring industry-responsive coverages, expert loss control and 24/7 claims-handling services, led to this alliance targeted to benefit ECIA's membership.

OneBeacon Technology Insurance works closely with ECIA to stay abreast of trends in the technology industry, which allows association members to benefit from a business insurance program that is exclusively dedicated to the technology sector.

What is included?
Programs are specifically designed to provide ECIA members with tailored insurance coverage and risk control services, help mitigate loss exposures and bring peace of mind to business leaders and owners.

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Please refer to the actual policies for exact coverage descriptions and limits; exclusions and deductibles may apply. Coverages are subject to policy terms and conditions and may not be available in all states. This program may be underwritten by one of the following insurance companies: Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company, The Employers' Fire Insurance Company, OneBeacon America Insurance Company or The Camden Fire Insurance Association.











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Technology and Electronics (3m23s)
Listen to Tushar Nandwana, Risk Control Manager, discuss OneBeacon Technology Insurance and its focus on the electronics industry.


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