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ECIA keeps member businesses informed with the latest industry research. We identify industry trends then provide members with critical market knowledge and research specific to the sale of electronics components. Exclusive reports are packed full of industry statistics unavailable elsewhere. Valuable benefits include a variety of passive components market reports that detail sales statistics from the US and around the world; global production and consumption information; Distributor Productivity Report; and the Compensation Survey.

New! Electronic Component Sales Trend (ECST) Survey

The ECST survey was developed by the ECIA Statistics Council and provides an overall industry perspective on certain market sales trends. The ECST is compiled on a quarterly basis and focuses on end markets and discrete electronic component products. Data is collected from ECIA members and presents an aggregate view of industry trends. Participants submit opinions based on their professional knowledge that can range from negative 5% to greater than positive 5% for any given quarter. No specific data is collected and the surveys result in trends as seen by the ECIA membership. Click here to participate in the survey.

Now Available:

2014 Q2 Report

2014Q1 Executive Summary

2013Q4 Executive Summary

Distribution Business Index
Nothing takes the pulse of the electronic distribution industry like the Distribution Business Index. The DBI is the definitive industry sourcebook about distributor shipment, inventory levels and turns, and accounts receivable. ECIA members receive a free year's subscription, a $595 value. The DBI is the easy way to monitor your company's performance. Reports detail monthly survey data culled from a sample of national, regional and local distributors who account for 60 percent of total distribution sales. Included are two monthly reports on performance and sales data, quarterly reports and a special year-end review.

Market Reports
Detailed passive components market reports are available only to those companies that provide data. A quarterly executive summary of the reports is available to ECIA members.

Participation in ECIA market reports is open to all companies that are directly involved in the manufacture, marketing or supply of electronic components from original sources for North America. Individuals from ECIA member companies that qualify are eligible to participate in all ECIA market reports at no additional fee. Reports cover: Components, Capacitors, Inductors, Resistor and Non-Linear Resistors.
Determining Authorized Distribution's Value
NEDA, working with Texas A&M, conducted a groundbreaking study to measure the real value of authorized electronic distribution. The study examined the distributor value proposition from both customer and supplier viewpoints. After focusing on the supply chain's perception of authorized distributors in the initial phase, the study, in its second phase, quantified the true costs and savings of authorized distribution compared to other channels.
Supply Chain Savings Calculator
Our value quantifying study led to creation of the unique NEDA Supply Chain Savings Calculator. This important new Web based tool for mapping out more efficient go-to-market strategies helps customers and suppliers better gauge their individual supply chain and distribution costs as they pursue improved efficiency. Now electronics manufacturers and their customers can calculate supply chain costs as an exact percentage of sales and options to reduce them through distribution.
Distributor Productivity and Financial Report
For ECIA members, this study of electronic distributors' financial and operating performance serves as a valuable benchmark for comparing their own performance to the industry norm. The DPR, available to members at a $200 savings, helps identify red flag areas for profitability improvement. Participants receive both the industry report as well as a separate, confidential analysis of their organization's performance compared to similar companies. The report illustrates the industry's performance in areas such as operating and accounting ratios and income, expense and balance sheet data.
Business Barometer Survey
A yearly updated analysis of the past year's industry performance and forecast of future activity, the Business Barometer Survey is a real eye-opener. It measures distributor performance, current business conditions, and confidence in a company's future performance. Of the participating companies, 82 percent average less than $300 million in sales; the same percentage identify themselves as regional/local or national.
Compensation Survey
ECIA offers complete compensation and incentive data for the electronic distribution industry. The Compensation Survey analyzes 30 unique distribution positions, providing data on a national and regional basis (based on cost of living analyses), company size and sales volume for each position.
Benefits Survey
The Benefits Survey is another ECIA membership advantage that helps you recognize what industry benefits are being offered to attract and keep employees. This industry survey is available to members and serves as a benchmark for a complete range of company benefits.




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