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Weekly Datecodes

The EIA program for assignment of Source Codes and Date Codes provides a standardized method to stamp or mark any or all products to identify the production source or vendor and to identify the year and week of production. The 2012 listing of Weekly Date Codes can be found below. This program follows the conventions defined in EIA-476-A (Source and Date Code Marking) and EIA-476-B (Date Code Marking) and follows the MIL-STD-1285 criteria.

Download 2014 EIA Weekly Date Codes Here.

Download 2013 EIA Weekly Date Codes Here.

Download 2012 EIA Weekly Date Codes Here.

Download 2011 EIA Weekly Date Codes Here.

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The Source Code registration program has been inactive since 2001. This information is provided as an industry resource ONLY.



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